What is 2tor?

2tor is a platform to match local tutors to the public

2tor is an online shared economy platform where the public can find their local tutors. For the everyday user 2tor will help you find the best tutor for you to match your location, price, time and what you want to learn. For tutors, teachers, coaches and trainers, 2tor is a platform for you to manage your classes, your availability and a platform for you to build up your reputation to find more students. 2tor believes that everyone should be able to teach their talents and passion to anyone who wants to learn. 2tor gives you the opportunity to teach anything you want, and to learn everything you can.

Our Top Priorities

1 – Safety for both our Tutors and Users

Safety is our number 1 priority! We go above and beyond to ensure that all our Recommended tutors actually hold the qualifications, teaching certificates and experience they claim to have. We go through a detailed interview and screening process with each tutor in person to maintain high practice standards of 2tor’s recommended tutors! They will meet the highest standards for teaching. You will only find these quality tutors here on 2TOR!

2 – Quality teachers 

We made sure to ensure our tutors can showcase their expertise, qualification, experience and to share as much detail as they can to you. On 2tor, you will be able to differentiate and select the best of the best tutors available through their professional profile and also their community ratings!

3 – Diversity

2TOR is the only knowledge and skill sharing app and platform that will have the total package featuring a diverse selection of tutors in their respective fields. Our tutors can range from university students that are available to help with homework, to professional teachers and lecturers from universities to the very niche specialists that for example may only be tutoring scholarship programs, to instrument teachers, language tutors and many more!

4 – Flexibility

Find tutors that fits your schedule and your location. Book an available lesson time for a tutor or request a time that is suitable for you!

5 – Security 

We actively keep a record of all the interactions between a user and a tutor. These include lesson bookings and payments. Use 2TOR to easily and securely pay directly pay the tutors. All interactions between the tutor and user will be recorded on our database.


Find a 2tor for everything

Have you ever wanted to dance? Or do you need help with a subject at school? How about learning how to code? You can find every type of tutor with the 2tor app.

Safety is everything

Verified 2tors are required to have a national police check!

Become a 2tor

Teach with 2tor and earn good money as an independent contractor. Get paid to teach your community what they want to learn. Be your own boss and get paid on your own schedule.

Teach Academic Subjects for all year levels

Become a 2tor for Maths, English, Science at all year levels including university.

Teach your talents and skills

Become a 2tor and teach what you do best! Cooking, fixing a car, playing an instrument, Martial Arts, Coding. The possibilities are up to you. Select the 2tor year level and teach anything you want.

Flexibility at your fingertips

2tor will help you manage your available times and bookings.

Build your profile

Manage your professional profile and grow your presence with the platform’s built in review system. Connect to your LinkedIn(Coming soon) and continue to build your reputation.

Create your lessons

Create your personalised lessons and put yourself on the map and teach at your preferred location.