To become a 2tor, you will need to first sign-up and register your account using the SIGN UP option on our website. Once logged in, you will be able to submit a 2tor application which will be reviewed by us and we will notify you if your application is successful. Alternatively, you can make an appointment and visit our office where we can help you set up your account in person.

Call us on: 0404 241 472

Email us at: admin@2torapp.com



Teach with 2tor and earn good money as an independent contractor. Get paid to teach your community what they want to learn. Be your own boss and get paid on your own schedule. Get rewards as you build your profile.

Become Verified and Recomended on 2tor. We screen all our Recommended tutors in person to maintain high quality teachers and tutors.

Recommended tutors on 2tor will have a higher chance to be selected by students and parents.