Important safety information for all users

Important safety information for all users

Safety for the Users and Tutors are our number one priority at 2TOR. We encourage first time engagement for a user to be accompanied by a friend. For parents and legal guardians using 2TOR to find a tutor for their minor,they are required to be present at all lessons at all times.

Some important information for Users finding a Tutor

Tutors with the "verified" status on their profile will mean they have either submitted a national police check certificate number or working with children certificate. Please note: currently, it up to the individual users to look up tutor's police check and the working with children credentials on government databases. Please ensure their credentials match with their profile on 2TOR. Please check credentials here.

Tutors who do not hold a Working with Children Certificate are not legally allowed to teach minors, people under the age of 18. If you are a parent looking for a tutor for your child, you agreed in our Terms and Conditions of Service to book a tutor that holds a working with children certificate.

For all other users looking for a tutor and teacher for themselves, it is highly recommended you select tutors who are verified for your safety and assurance. The person can either hold a national police check or a working with children certificate. Tutors whom hold the working with children certificate would have already under gone a police check.

Important information for Tutors


We endorse every tutor to obtain a national police check to assure the users that they will be safe.

If you are a tutor looking to teach minors (people under the age of 18), then you are required to hold a working with children certificate (WWC) for your state and country.