About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe in building the foundations of a good business. For us this means contributing to our society in a positive manner for all our users and for all our teachers. 2tor was designed from the ground up for the benefit of all teachers. We aim to cultivate a strong relationship with each of our teachers and in doing so we believe we are able to provide the public with a higher standard of learning. We believe that everyone has knowledge, skills or talent that they could share whilst being able to earn a living doing what they love. We created 2tor not out of greed but for our community, for your community! A shared economy driven by the human desire to learn and grow. Whether that learning comes from situational circumstances or from personal motivations, 2tor will be here for you. Others may attempt to copy us, but none will have our foundation, our story and our passion that we have built with the community in Australia. We always welcome the public to visit our office and meet our dedicated staff where we can share our story with you.


Mission statement

Our aim is to revolutionise the world of Tutoring and Learning. We aim to achieve this through connecting Tutors (2tors) and Students using our unique, convenient, and safe platform: 2TOR. By using 2TOR, parents will be able to find the best suitable Tutor for their child to ensure that they receive the competitive advantage they need for school. Similarly, students can use 2TOR to seek out tutors to assist them with their studies. Most importantly, 2TOR is one of the few avenues that casual and also well-established tutors can use to expand their market coverage and reach out to more students in addition to their business.

2TOR is also useful for those who are looking to learn secondary or extra-curricular skills regardless of whether they are still in school or not. 2TOR covers many other learning areas such as Music, Dance, Cooking, Programming, Business, etc. This is perfect for those simply looking to take up or teach additional skills.

2TOR will be accessible on iOS, Android, and through the 2TOR website.


Why 2tor?

The fastest growing Shared-Economy Platform for Teaching and Learning. 2TOR is a tutoring company that specialises in private tutoring, courses, and helping students become job ready. We care about our students' futures and ensure the highest quality of learning for them. 2TOR has highly qualified tutors that you can only find at prestigious High Schools and Universities. 

Our services include a tutoring and training center in the CBD. 2TOR also provides private tutoring at your home.

We specialise in all VCE Subjects, IELTS, PTE, Scholarships, Languages, Music and more!

In addition to academics we have trainers for professional development and extra-curricular skills such as BAR Exam preparation, Commercial Video Production, Soccer and more!

Our services also accommodates to those who do not speak fluent English but are still interested in teaching or learning any subjects/skills in another language. For example, a 2tor can offer to teach Maths but speak in Chinese during the lesson. The same applies for skills such as cooking, dancing, programming, etc. which can be taught in another language depending on what you request.

Our goal is to provide the best service for all demographics in Australia. We understand how much tutoring can providing a competitive advantage for students.

Latest News

Over 4000 Pre-Registered Tutors in Melbourne alone.

2TOR is now avaiable on the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore!

2TOR Office is now in the Melbourne CBD!

Our Tutoring Centre is now open in Melbourne. Enquire now for more information! Call 1300 010 747


2TOR is a registered trademark owned by HYE Technologies Pty Ltd

HYE Technologies aims to introduce positive change into our current lifestyles through innovative technology solutions. We are consistently thinking outside the box to bring to new perspectives on how we connect as a society.